The ultimate guide to skyrocket Your email list!!!!

This exclusive crash course, is designed with your success in mind! Designed to guide you in crafting the ULTIMATE ATUOMATED FUNNEL  that draws your ideal buyers right into sales!!! You'll master the art of creating HIGH-CONVERTING FUNNELS that not only draws in your ideal buyers , but also turns them into loyal customers, WHILE your sleeping!!!!

what would an extra 10k do for you?

the course you've been looking for

Have you ever come across these problems that always seem to hold you back?

Are you confused when it comes to building any automated system to get your business up and running?
Do you wish there was a simple process to building automated systems and emails?
Do you want to generate a constant flow of leads and sales without having to spin your wheels trying to get “organic” traffic to work?
Do you feel like you don’t know where or how to start?
Do you feel like the legalities of protecting your self, assets, business or any professional license you may have is confusing?

If you are saying “HECK YES” while reading these questions,

then it’s time for you to join

Lets get you Geared for Success, so you can enjoy a profitable business!

This was made for YOU!

The ultimate Guide for automated 

Skyrocket your email list, The Ultimate Guide for Automated funnels, is a step-by-step training, full course to build your Digital marketing business from the ground up, generating more leads and sales, without overwhelm!

See what's inside

Ready to see exactly what you get with Skyrocket your email list?



My  hands on step by step easy process to funnel building, how to set up and navigate Optimize press, Aweber and how to integrate them all 

Professional Domaine & email 

Become the GO-TO-EXPERT in your niche, with a professional email address, Domaine set up, website host, and how to integrate them to your funnel!


Support + Strategy + Confidence, Maximize your funnel, email address, and be part of an exclusive community, where I answer questions daily and live weekly calls every week!!!!


All the legalities to protect yourself online, your business, your assets and professional license if you have one


It can't be easier than this!! With skyrocket your email list you receive all ready done for you funnel template that you tailor to you, done for you privacy policy,  email disclaimers, 10 emails to become an industry authority, and nurture your ideal customers, turning them into loyal buyers!!


It can't be easier than this!! Learn the ways of how the pros are doing it with a step by step tutorial on Canva to create captivating e-books and supercharge your social media!!!!

module 1

Building the Foundation

When I say a no B.S. fluff approach to business.....I meant it.
Learn how to set up a domain and professional email address so your emails don't go to spam! 
Set up a domain for your funnel to be hosted on, and learn to integrate it into optimize press
Build your automated funnel with the done for you template,!! 

module 2

Attract a targeted audience online, full of ideal clients

Create an automated system that helps you stop being invisible online, and become the GO-TO-DIGITAL marketing EXPERT! in your niche
Build out systems to make content creation, client management, business growth with a MAINTAINABLE process that you create tailored to fit YOU!!!
Build out the entire system with bridging and create sales as in your sleep!!!

module 3

Go beyond just automated funnels & emails, It's everything you need to start building your digital marketing business including....

Legally protect any professional license, assets, your business + protect yourself online. 
Sales + marketing strategy that fits you, your business, not a cookie cutter strategy, and sell without being sleazy, salesy, or slimy
Components of support + strategy, where you find done for you template of your funnel,  how to create your first email campaign, and step-by-step video tutorial that teach you ALL of my strategy in depth, and show you exactly how to apply it to your business
SKYROCKET YOUR EMAIL LIST MEMBERS only hub, where  I am available to answer any questions, provide expert feedback, and audit your content, programs, and anything else you need, with live weekly calls!!!! 
My feedback is not cookie cutter responses ever, you get tactical, expert support when you need it.


Regular Price: $700

Sale Price: $500
(or 2 easy payments of $250)

no more missed memories

"I’m so happy I met Elissa and she is in my life, she is such and inspiration and amazing friend and mentor, I have taken so much of what she has taught me, and have been able to duplicate it to be able to work from home full time, without missing memories with my girls, being able to support my family, and live the life we deserve. Lis I cannot thank you enough for being in my life, your mentorship and program has changed our lives forever!"

Jen Henderson, Mom of 3,  12k, Leader

You've Got Questions - I've got answers!

When will I get access to the course?

You will get access as soon as your first payment posts.

I've spent thousands on courses before, how is this course different?

I completely understand, I’ve invested over 40k into courses, coaches, trying 2 MLM, Etsy,  taking out personal loans, with hidden fees in their programs. I know first hand how you feel, its outrageous!!!!!

I feel that people need someone that has been exactly where you are now.

Someone who is just like me & you, as a nurse, paralegal, wife, mom of 2 girls, I know first hand how hard it can be starting out in anything! 

This course teaches you how to build your automated funnel, email list, professional email, with done for you template so you can customize as your own, privacy policy, email disclaimers, and bonus of learning canva at the lowest price possible, so you can have a profitable business!!!!

My course could easily sell for thousands or more, but I wanted to help ordinary people just like me & you have access to one of the best courses out there, and on a friendly budget.

Do you offer coaching calls?

With the purchase of the course you are automatically enrolled into The SKYROCKET your email list MEMBERS only group hub. Here you get the support you need  to answer questions, audit your content, programs, and provide expert feed back, and any thing else along the way.  With weekly live calls for questions, and tutorials if needed.  The SKYROCKET your email list MEMBERS only group hub is included and you are enrolled for life at no extra charge!

I do offer 1:1 private coaching calls separate from the course for $350 an hour.  You will have to reach out to me for schedule via messenger on FB, or IG

Are there any extra purchases in the program?

I try to keep the cost extremely low while building your business, after all your working towards time and financial freedom, not debt!

With that being said there is a cost that is completely out of my control and is regulated by each state, which is your LLC. Also your professional email & domain name can range from 12-24$, your site ground domain (this is where you have to have a host for optimize press, can range from 4$-24$.) Optimize press can range from 129-299 a year, which is cheaper than any click funnels. I chose the 129 a year! Optimize press is the best platform for all of your needs that averages out to be 10.75 month! 

Do you offer a refund?

We want you to be satisfied with your purchase, but we understand that sometimes things don’t work out. Please read this refund policy carefully before making a purchase.

Digital products such as courses, trainings, presets, and stock photos are non-refundable. Once you purchase a digital product, and it cannot be returned. As such, we cannot offer refunds or exchanges for any digital product or course.

If you believe you have been charged in error or have a problem with accessing your digital product, or course, please contact us at We will work with you to resolve an issues.

We appreciate your business and want you to be happy with your purchase. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes! We offer a payment plan of 2 easy payments of $250, or one easy payment of $500. You get to choose which one fits your budget, and we cant wait to be with you on your journey!

see what others are saying about the Program!!!


I could never have started my journey online without Elissa. She has been there since day one to coach, support, and encourage me. Elissa is a rockstar; she is so positive, and shows up everyday! Elissa will be there throughout your journey. From Start to Finish, and beyond. If you are on the fence, don’t be any longer! I have been able to leave nursing as a full-time job, and now I am doing what I love, that I was held back from doing in the medical field. Don’t hesitate any longer.

Shonnie Murphy, RN


Elissa is caring, compassionate, and truly wants her clients to succeed, within 7 weeks of working with her I had  generated 9k in sales!!!! Elissa has build a solid program that leads to success and strategies in place to give you fail proof business! I will forever be grateful to her. She has a heart of gold and bigger drive than Texas! Elissa is genuine, honest and has a no B.S. approach, which is why I lover her! Not only is she a great coach, she is a great friend!

Shawna Killer-Deters, RN


Elissa Heilman

Nurse, Paralegal, Associates of Business, Certified Business Coach, Wife, Mom and lover of everything business and marketing!

Hey there friend!!

I am a momma of two girls, wife, nurse, paralegal, & lover of Jesus! I have been in health care for 25 years, I was working 80 hours a week as a nurse, and no matter what could never get ahead. I was burnt out, tired of getting my vacations denied, an missing out on so many memories I CAN"T GET BACK!

I tried 2 MLM, one of them I donated my entire commission to their non profit organization for women who were sexually abused in adolescents, then tried another MLM, transitioned into online coaching, Etsy, and had some success, but needed a way to generate more income from home without bugging friends & family, without shipping products, without interrupting the little time I had with my family!!!!

I saw this nurse on Facebook talking about how she made 10-20k a month working a couple hours a day from her phone & decided to jump in! I mean heck why not, I had tried everything by this point, what did I have to loose, I knew I could do anything I put my mind to, I mean all of us momma's, nurses, ordinary people like me are like that right?

I jumped in and never looked back! I now have 6 streams of income, generated 60k in 3 months!!!!!!

I now have more time with my family, NO more missed memories!!!!!!


ANYONE can do this with the proper training!!!

I take you step-by-step and help you build your Automated funnel from the ground up, with a simple process to build your business, generate more leads and sales so you can have a profitable business while you sleep!!!!

NOT TECH SAVEY, trust me neither was I when I started,  if you have a computer I can teach you too!!!!

This is my exact course that I use (and still use today) to generate mulit-6 figures in one year!!!!!

This is a full course,
not a mini course, and is a result of thousands of hours spent understanding how to build a successful business, automated funnels to have a profitable business!!!!

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